Spelling B

Chloe is our little speller. Last year she took third in the competition between all of the elementary schools in the valley. This year she qualified for district level but unfortunately due to a technicality she was DQd after spelling the word right. Apparently when she said the last letter of the word “N” it sounded like “AN” so she was out. She was pretty bummed out, but decided there is always next year.


Chloe’s ski day

The elementary here in Osmond has 2 ski days per grade each year at a ski resort called pine creek in cokeville. It’s worked out nicely for josh and I since Jamie is in Chloe’s class and Jill is in Elsie’s class. Josh and I trade off taking them to ski day so that the other guy can man the office. My day to take Chloe landed on a day right after a good snow storm and our ski day was warm, partly sunny with excellent snow conditions. Jamie and Jill both are getting better and better. It’s funny how they both really care about getting better where Elsie and Jill just want to have fun and its not important to them at this point.

Anyway, Jamie, Chloe and their friends Awny, Sarah and Adalie skied with me throughout the day. They are a fun bunch of girls to ski with. Due to snow conditions they were forced to ski some powder where it had not been groomed yet. After a little persuasion Chloe followed me down a section of untracked deep powder. It was light and fluffy and perfect. I’ve been really wanting Stacie or one if my kids to start wanting to ski powder because I love it. So it made my day when Chloe skied up to me afterwards and said, “Dad, I love powder.” I don’t know if its just because she wants to please me or if she actually loves it, but Chloe has always been my pal that loves to go skiing. I think she genuinely loves it since last year when it was windy and below zero she didn’t want to go home until the place closed down for he day.

Ski day

Today was 4th grade ski day at pine creek ski resort in cokeville. Elsie, Jill and I drove down separate from the bus. It was a beautiful day for skiing, warm and sunny. The snow conditions were good and the girls and I had a great time skiing the hill with Abby Delgado. Elsie was skiing great. she sure is fun ti be around with her happy go lucky personality. Abby and Jill were skiing for their second time and were doing great. They insisted on skiing the face which was a steep run. They did great for their second time out, but decided not to ski it again. As I was helping Abby get her skis back on after a spill she told me she will not ski that again until she is a professional skier like I am. I said I’m not a pro, so she says “you should go pro, wouldn’t it be great to get paid to ski” I agreed with her, it would be great, actually a dream of mine when I was a kid.

Jill took a spill and landed right in a spot of urine. Some inconsiderate soul peed in the center of the run and she happens to fall right in it. She took a spill 10′ further down the run and left a yellow mark in the snow. She accidentally grabbed he wrong rental skis after lunch and they just kept falling off. I didn’t realize that was the issue until the last run and I had nothing to adjust the bindings for her.

While putting the little ones to bed Rhen showed me how long he could stand on one leg. It was long. As usual while praying Layla climbed up and laid on my back as I knelt over the bed. All through the prayer I could feel her tiny little fingers trying to grab my short whiskers on my chin. She’s he last of my little girls to do that, I will miss it when she stops.

Merging 2 Cells without losing content of either.

Another trick I learned but then forgot about.

Merging two cells in excel without losing content is pretty easy, but you have to follow a few steps to get it nice and clean if you’re using the final result for a feed into a database or something. I have two cells I am trying to merge the html contents of both into one.

To Combine the Contents:

Column A has content

Column B has content

In column C type the following:  =a1&” “&b1

you can then highlight and entire column if you want and paste this and it will combine the contents of column A with Column B and leave a space in between. If you don’t want the space, enter =a1&””&b1 instead with no space between the quotes.

Adding or appending text to contents of cells.

Ok, another help article more for myself, but maybe somone else will benefit from this one.

I have a row of data in an excel worksheet. I want to add a file name extention to the contents like .jpg or .gif. Every name is unique so I can’t do a find and replace so how do I add an extension to all of these file names. I figured out a fairly simple solution thanks to a google search so I am recording it here so I can find it again the next time I need to do this.

If you select the entire column, then right click and go to “Format Cells” Select custom at the bottom of the list and then in the text field above the list of custom formating options you can type in @”.jpg” where .jpg is the extention you want to add.

One catch: you can’t insert some pieces of code like “> closing tag instead of the file name. It just doesn’t work for some reason. For this I thought I might add a unique extension like 10005 to the end of every cell and then do a find and replace, but Excel’s find and replace won’t do that for some reason. I’m still looking for the solution to this. I’ve done it before I just can’t remember what I did.

Using Find and Replace in Microsoft Excel

I recently download several hundred products from my shopping cart system and was looking for a quick way to update a whole bunch of url paths for images that were in html fields on the website. So what I had was a .csv file with a slew of cells filled with html. The find and replace feature on excel works wonderfully, but apparently it has a limit to the number of characters in a cell it will search. No matter how i changed formatting or “Find” perameters I kept getting this error that excel could not find the text. I have used the find an replace feature quite a bit before so I was baffled as to why it would not work. After an hour or so struggling with it I found the solution.

First i copied and pasted the column I needed to change and put it in a new workbook (just so i didn;t mess up the original). Then I saved the new workbook as an XML file. Opened the xml file in dreamweaver (i’m sure another html editor would work). Once in dreamweaver I was easily able to do the find and replace of the URL i needed. Then I saved the document (again as an xml file) opened it in Microsoft Excel and copied the column and put it back into the original document. This seemed to do the trick and all my URLS are now how working wonderfully. Too bad it took me 2 hrs to figure out a porcess that only took minutes. And so here it is in blog form so I can find the solution next time I need it.

bank deposit slips

whats the point? The teller has to double check you anyway. 99% of the time I have just one check to deposit and they require me to put my account number on the check. Then i have to put my name, check amount and account number on the deposit slip – all of that information is already on the check! I can see it for a business that is depositing multiple checks, but I just think its a waste of paper for every single transaction since everything is computerized once its entered anyway.

I stopped by the bank today with one check. Waited in line in the drive up and when I got there they are out of deposit slips. So i send in my check with all the pertinent information. When the teller finally responds she asks where I want it – I say, in the account number written on my check. She says “I’ll need you to fill out a deposit slip and send it back.” Then I have to wait for them to cycle through the other three cars before they can get to mine again that now has the same information on two papers. Saved both of us a bunch of time huh? Now she has to double check my slip and my check and enter it into the computer when she could have just entered the info off the check. I’m easily irritated I guess. I don’t have a problem filling out the slip if they have them, but geez I’m giving them my money to hold and make interest off of while they give me a few cents kickback in a low interest checking account. Seems like they could do me a favor and fill out a slip real quick so I don’t have to keep waiting in line til they can get back around to me.

Maybe i just don’t get it. Maybe they need the slip really bad. I don’t know, but even still isn’t that the tellers job to double check every deposit? I’m probably the only one that gets irritated with this. I’m sure all the tellers out there will hate me for it, but going to the bank shouldn’t be like going to the DMV.

there’s my rant for the day, i’m outta here.